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New Product Saliva Test Kit with Blister Box

2017-06-27 17:57:55 HUACHENYANG EARCLINK.COM

Medical Device : Saliva Test Kits

Use for collecting saliva, transporting and storing the saliva ,and  then ectract

DNA from the sample of saliva

Easy collection and transportation
      Painless, non-invasive collection
      Saliva samples are stable for long-term room temperature storage
      Standardized tube format is compatible with automated processing equipment
      Intended for use with molecular diagnostic applications
      Integrated barcode on tube for  workflow efficiency

Box size: 115*115*30mm

One set include : 1 filler,

2pcs 5ml tube, 2ml cell Preservation solution


How to use

1.Rinse mouth with water about 30 minutes prior to collection.

2.Put saliva to the position of fill to line (2ml)

3.Open the other tube filled with solution.

4.pouring the solution into the collection filler. solution and saliva are mixed

5.Remove funnel apart from tube

6.Close the cap

7.Rock the tube at least 5 times in order to mix solution and saliva well.Store in room temperature 

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